Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Adventures in Digital Scrapbooking never end! I thought I would post a few of my scrapbook pages in the hopes to inspire others, share ideas, and perhaps gain input on some of my work (for the positive and negative). I have learned that learning never ends... luckily! Else boredom would soon dominate my life.

Anyway, this week I wanted to try the torn paper edge look. Having no idea how to do it, I searched in google a step-by-step instruction with Photoshop Elements 6. Alas, there was nothing that was specifically for PE6. I spent hours trying to figure out how to manipulate regular photoshop instructions to fit my program. Frustration!

I came up with this method based on fundamental ideas I gathered from other how-to sites. I can't wait to see it actually printed because I think that will be the true telling in how it looks.
Another aspect of photoshop I used, that I am certain to use again, is drop shadow! What an awesome tool that gives more dimension to your photos rather than a completely flat looking photo collage. I didn't use it on this page other than the torn paper edge, but it is SURE to be used in the future. :)

Anyway, Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

THE best day of fun!

This was seriously, THE most fun photo shoot I have ever done. And yes, it was for my own family. :) On New Years Day, we went sledding over trappers loop and I brought my long lens. I was able to capture the goods. Seriously, I had more fun behind the camera than I did sledding. And every time I look at these pictures, I remember the smiles and laughter all over again. LOVE it!
I love my somber faced little Ashton. He is beautiful.

The picture below is titled: "Woo Hoo!!!!"

This picture was NOT my photography. If you'll notice I am IN the picture. This fabulous shot was caught by my husband! He is brilliant!

These are the events that make me wish people would hire me to come spend the day taking photos of their fun! It makes for such naturally great photo ops!! Love it!

A Wedding in May

This was my first wedding I ever shot.
Jenny and Tony were absolutely beautiful and they made for great
photo subjects. I had a total blast using as much creativity as I could!
I have learned a lot since then and I am grateful they gave me the opportunity
to "have at" their wedding! It was a great day.
You guys are beautiful and awesome! And I love you!

A very lively bunch!

I simply adore this one of grandma loving her grandbaby! It's timeless!

The Ladies!

And the guys... You seriously couldn't keep this group FROM laughing
and smiling! Made for great subjects as well as a highly entertained me.

This is the whole gang! It was quite the event and it also had high difficulty of getting everyone looking good just because there was so many people! Anyway, I learned a lot this day. And I really enjoyed the laughs with these guys! It was a blast. Thank you!

A very, very special event!

This day, or shall I say, weekend, was incredibly special. My good friend Jenni has been waiting to adopt a baby for years, and finally her dream came true. I was able to go down and share the special time with her and take a few photos while I was there.

This picture is my favorite! The joy was immeasurable at that moment. Try as this picture does, it still does not capture the beauty of that moment!

This one I like to call, "future President of America."

This baby ADORES his new mommy. And you better believe that she adores him!

At the end of the special day, he was just finished. This picture breaks my heart and makes me laugh at the same time. Amazing how that works.

What can I say? Adorable!!

This was when they were walking out of the courthouse,
having just made the status official! Noah is their baby forever to keep!

The situation could not be better for one of them!! SO great!

And then there is me. Sitting under the columns, waiting...
completely entranced by the blue sky and strong pillars....
and well, I couldn't resist. :)
Thank you, thank you for letting me share this most wonderful
experience with you all! Congratulations and I love you tons!

A quick shot or two!

Ronnie and Jessica. These were just a few quick snap shots
I got of our friends. Thanks for letting me take your pics!